HOLISTIC HEALING through Consciousness

When Unconscious becomes Comes Conscious it no longer remains fate. Resigning to fate is a human tendency and giving in to what comes easy and effortlessly has become second nature in today’s digital world. This applies to all areas of our life – interpersonal relationships,
Health, financial wellbeing and lifestyle in general. These aspects of life are interdependent and interconnected.

Our life and so to say even our Health is the result of what we are as an Individual – what we give to our life is what makes our life and living . We make our living but are unable to keep us alive and kicking. Have we thought about it?

Failing to keep alive is where we are amiss and takes us through a road towards and disease and in some cases incurable diseases. In our pursuit for fulfilling the requirements of living we leave behind peace and well-being at all levels. The individual fails to be at peace and the state of well-being is when starts suffering from Dis-ease and lack of peace. Eventually ends up with a certain interesting label of disease and then remains in a pursuit to seek help to restore to health.

Health and Healing comes from the word Greek word ‘hale – to make whole’. Have we ever bothered to ask the question to our Self? What is it to being Whole? Being whole is an experience by itself while most of us are used to living scattered and remain distracted by the demands of the vagaries of living.

Health is an experiential state of existence to be whole complete and sense of well-being and ease always.

When it comes to seeking health and healing one forgets many a times and focus drifts towards disease – its diagnosis and conventional line of medical treatment is suggested which is merely on removing the symptoms of the disease We are in era where everything is on pushbutton – click culture .Hence the subject of health and healing is dealt in the same manner by popping pills subjecting to surgical interventions and likes of it. In the bargain We have lost ability to live through our body and environment in a wholesome and being in harmony.

The alternative therapy world which opens to wide range of holistic healing solutions gives a window to this missed opportunity in our fast-paced lifestyle – to be whole complete and sense of well-being Wide range of holistic healing modalities are at our disposal. However, one is left confused and intrigued without much awareness of what truly can be achieved through this plethora of mushrooming modalities and what is the ultimate healing experience!

Skepticism of Modern Medicine

Disillusioned by the modern medicine approach to many of the current lifestyle diseases likes of diabetes, cardiovascular heart diseases , cancer hormonal disturbances , laymen are compelled to go towards holistic modalities of healing likes of homoeopathy Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy , theta healing soul healing , crystal healing , access bars ,past life regression therapy inner child healing and not aware of what works which way and what can be expected ?There is hence partial or so to say myopic view and understanding of why one is pursuing with these therapies .In the bargain what ensues is some are benefitted tremendously some are sticking to these therapies with no choice or simply with faith in divine hope and resultant outcome is ambiguous in many of these above conditions .Thereby that leaves one to the subject of mockery or uncalled criticism for pursuing with alternative therapies which are not suitably received well by the conventional medical system due to lack of apparent scientific validation.

So how does one go about it? How does one opt for most effective alternative healing modality?

It can be purely experiential journey before one can fall back on science and statistics .However science has started bringing up researches in this direction through field of psychoneuroendocrinology and Neuroscience .So here ‘s simple reasonable guideline for one to select alternative healing modality.

To begin with -the common sense says that if one must experience whole and well- being the solution can come from that which is resourceful to bring in whole and completeness. Anything that is whole and complete in nature and makes everything whole and complete is Consciousness!

So, what is Consciousness. Is it a human being or God or matter or energy?
Consciousness is ‘what just is ‘which is encompassing everything within you and outside you .There is nothing that is untouched with consciousness and can Be without consciousness. This seems intrigue isn’t it? It is incomprehensible as it is omnipresent. One knows its presence one gets Aware. It’s intangible and almost simulates unexplainable yet subtly perceptible energy field. Everything on this planet is energy and has vibes – vibrations as we recognize it. So, what keeps us away from utilizing in our Health care something which is all around within us and makes us what we are.

Alternative healing focuses on healthcare which is all about energy care. While medicine care is all about removing disease health care is about experiencing well-being and energy care management of the individual suffering. Everything that keeps away from being the Energy of being alive and ease inherently leads to Dis- ease and morbidity.

1) Energy Flow:
First criteria of effective healing experience are a Great Improvement in ENERGY following the session. Changing the vibrations and changing the energy of the suffering individual can res tore to state of well-being. So how does one keep up the high energy and keep the vibrations elevated.

As individuals we are not just bodies but thinking and feeling beings. We are engaged during the day constantly with our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts emanate energy – powerful thoughts emanate powerful energy. Positive thoughts emanate positive energy and so also weak thoughts negative thoughts Express what it is .Hence it is rightly said our thoughts create our reality .Our thoughts are reflection of our attitude perception and behavior .In a day an individual thinks 40 billion thoughts of which one cannot count and account However it reflects the energy of our life and day to day living .Not Aware of these we forget to choose thoughts amidst zillion of thoughts and get lost into some specific thought patterns.

We ignore the fact that we are Not just bodies; Not just thinking and feeling beings but also beings with certain FREE will to exercise our thoughts and feelings This makes us different from other species. Once we are willing and opening to Choose thoughts wisely and our response to feelings and emotions it reflects us in our behavior our beliefs and attitude. The result overall the vibration changes based on what we consciously choose.

This process of Getting aware with willingness and openness of our self – our bodies our thoughts feelings emotions attitudes perceptions and hence behavior is considered as being Conscious. Consciousness is everywhere – getting Conscious is a choice.

How is this related to health and healing?

The researches in neuroscience and psycho-endocrinology has revealed the intricate and intimate connection of our thoughts feelings and emotions on our bodies .Scientists has validated the positive impact of certain attitude traits and thought emotion complex pattern on the overall well-being and behavior of the individual .Hence the second important criteria of effective healing is Making A Choice to Change and be Open to Knowing and letting go what goes into creating a dis ease state and identifying the limiting disempowering thought emotion patterns .

2) Regression Therapy:

Human tendency is to function from thoughts feelings and emotions which they have already experienced. In other words, Past experiences influence a lot of our thinking feeling and behaving in our day to day life. Our Past Experiences extensively feed our thinking perception attitude and response to situations.

Individuals have myriad of experiences which has impacted one at all levels emotional, mental and physical bodies too. These experiences are carry forwarded UN aware and continue to impact Unconsciously across years and centuries. Many of their past experiences have been so overwhelming and overpowering likes of these.
Example: They remain as past records in our minds which is called as Unconscious mind by psychologists and subconscious minds by the Hypnotherapists. They are so etched in the memories that they became unconscious propellers of our behavior patterns and eventually limitations mentally and emotionally giving rise to physical diseases

Example: While we know it as well as recognize these limitations, but one cannot Change it or alter it. This part of the mind which knows recognizes processes information and reflects is the Conscious mind. Conscious mind is barely 1/10 of the Subconscious mind which is humongous repertoire of experiences from everywhere across years and centuries. It is referred to as Unconscious mind by the psychologist. Our will brings us to pay attention to these so called unchanging unconscious thought emotion and behavior patterns but it fails to Alter it .Only way to deal with Limitations emerging from unconscious thought patterns is to dive into it Identify the source and trigger of it and Undo and Unlearn it .

This is called as Regression Therapy – to go into the past unconscious and subconscious and Unlock all the limiting thought emotion patterns created from there .In other words making Conscious all that is Unconscious as Jung states and Changing and altering the flow of it .In the process of Regression what is Essential is not just knowing it but Reliving and Releasing the locked emotions thoughts and liberating the individual from the Past .This enables them to Make a Free Choice to be in The present and respond suitably .

Example: To be healthy is to be at ease and peace within and out as well as being able to respond to the external situations suitably without compromising on the state of peace and wholesome energy within. When one is not at peace and ease they are most of the time caught up in the past thoughts and feelings emotions and their response patterns and behavior is resultant of all the past baggage of experiences and conditioning or of the future worries.

3) Catharsis – good effective healing

Is an effective release from past limiting thought emotion patterns and conditioning. Good Catharsis and letting go is Essential to all Unlearning and Undoing of the past.

One can only let go of my past by reliving it which can be effectively done with Transpersonal regression therapy .Inner child healing deals large extent with childhood traumas and conditioning and break free of past patterns and let the adult in that moment to take charge in the present situation to respond suitably .In the same line past life regression is about reliving the past experiences and patterns only to unlock undo and let it go to be liberated in the present moment .Past life is mistaken about digging the past and unearthing old skeletons .It is organically conducted to identify the source of the trauma and limitation in the Present moment .Once the limitation is identified from the past by way of beliefs , attitude and perception the fruit of the session is in the Wisdom that emerges by reliving and releasing all of that .Hence past life regression and Inner child healing contribute to a large extent to healing effectively .It impacts at all levels of individual emotionally , mentally , physically and energetically .

Example: The result is not just freedom from past but liberation from stuck thought emotion patterns And Huge shift in Energy and Perception.

4) Insightful Awareness

Is the fourth and essential criteria of effective healing.
Awareness is the outcome of a good healing process. It is said Awareness is Cure

Delusion is Disease

As stated by a world-renowned Homoeopath. latter system is the only prescriptive medicinal system that treats across emotionally mentally and physically as well as has potential in bringing paradigm shift in consciousness of the person suffering with any kind of disease.

Awareness opens to being More Conscious. Every organ affected in the body or relationship jeopardized or even a stuck career or unhappy life is directly or indirectly reflected in the capacity to be Conscious in the individual. Being Aware makes one Conscious and Vice versa. Hence key reason to any disease settling in the Individual is Unaware at the level of one’s body as well as corresponding thought emotion involved.

Any relationship conflicts are amidst people who are unconscious of their needs wants and aspirations in a relationship. While a financial meltdown or failure is also a projection and reflection of one’s own relationship with self-i.e. self-worth.