Healing through SOUL MIND MATRIX

Welcome each one of you …to the space of soul mind matrix!! Each one is at some time or other looking for place to resolve their stress, worries, conflicts, difficulties.

It may be in any area of your life …may it be health issues, wealth issues, boss issues, spouse issues or one’s children and yet all okay something not okay with the systems likes of education, politics etc around or surroundings…

Most of the times our focus is on the problem…and we are right “in the problem”.
We are most of the time looking at the problem…. advertently or inadvertently ‘focus is on the Problem…’

As it has been said: “one can’t find the solution to a problem at the level of the problem…” Einstein
One must look from outside to understand the problem where you can get complete view.

In other words, we need a “perspective” where we can witness the problem without getting entangled with the Downward spiral of emotions. A perspective gives a bird’s view and key to the solution of the problem. When We are so much enmeshed and entangled in the whirlpool of emotions there is ‘maze’ and one fails to think clearly. For the most appropriate solution in that situation.

All those thought processes that result from emotionally charged state of mind especially in the fit of negative emotions is
Is muddled, confusing and conflicting bereft of clear perspective and peaceful resolution.
Hence less likely to provide insight based wisdom and appropriate solution.
How it would be to tap the wisdom in our day to day life?
One can tap into the resources “inside” for Insights – ‘looking into within’ for solution.
The journeys are from shifting the focus from outside world to our inner world and further find the solutions.

All that one needs to do is put yo (U) rself in the Solution not put yo (U) rself in the problems.
Instead of putting ourselves in the problem we can put ourselves in the Solution.
…i.e. So (U) lution.

How is it possible?

Simply putting our Soul in the solution……. we can find the required answers.
The Soul Has Answer to all our problems and ability to heal all the problems …
However, the challenge is to silence the mind…
While the soul is simple and pure equipped with divine love and wisdom, mind tends to be occupied
with the mundane aspects of the inner and outer world

The ability to Empower oneself to find the solution lies in the seat of soul and taking charge of your Mind and its
Interplay with the outside world.

So welcome to…the space of Soul Mind Matrix to explore and discover the ways to find solution in
different spheres of our life like of Health issues, relationship conflicts, Parenting approaches
education systems and anything to do our day to day life. As we are proceeding on this journey of soul sourcing I am going to first start with the aspect of Mind and its interplay.

No matter we emphasize on the role of Soul strength the power of Mind cannot be underestimated as the mind is the resource to us whiles the soul is a powerhouse and fuel to the mind.
There are several steps in the journey as we tap the resources of the Mind first.
Mind mastery is essential as the soul mastery.

Watch out my next blog on “Mastering the Mind –Maze-Mystery”