Holistic Healing | Mastering One’s Mind

Hello friends, I am getting familiar to expressing my views on the blog…I have been writing a lot of articles, for my presentations and even a as guide to those looking for information on Holistic Healing.

While you know I come from medical background, training and treating through holistic healing i.e. Hypnotherapy. I am growing every day with experiences of so many people.

Here I am share with you what has come to me through experiences.

Very often. I come across individuals …they say, “with this is not working that is not working in my life…All the time it happens to me that I reach at a point when I am going to crack a deal, and something happens…or all my relationships eventually drop me like a hot potato…!

Why is it only me or why is not me and kind a “why me syndrome?” and we can resonate with them. Something similar keeps ringing in each of us at one point of other in our lives, isn’t it?

Interestingly when we sit down and attempt a solution we are at a loss.

There are all kinds of solutions and counsels to lift us of…but very few and seldom only one that is “The Solution” -the key to unlock the problem.

How to access the key solution? is an ephemeral question.

As one of the Einstein’s quote means to say

“the solution to any problem lies inside a problem and one can solve it only when we are out of it”

Isn’t it a paradox?

How is that possible to be outside yet see through the problem….
I found to have been able to do that through HYPNOSIS…a new age therapeutic tool.

Why so? (may be question ringing in your mind)

That is so because everything is at the click of button in today’s world. Human being has conquered everything outside through his creative and intelligent pursuits. Well…but; has still fall short of conquering vagaries of his own mind!!!

Human mind is complex yet unique indefinable entity!!

It is intangible yet overwhelming and has wide and far reaching effects on all that Human being has- his body, his actions and consequently his world.

Hence friends how about mastering mind?

HYPNOTHERAPY opens one to this world and is key that unlocks the doors of that part of mind – subconscious mind to solve our problems.

Having been facilitator(hypnotherapist) in accessing the deep areas of mind has enabled me to get in touch with unassuming powerful instrument and all that mind can do to empower or restrict the vast human potential within.

So, it’s all to do with MIND !!!friends and “it’s all in the mind… ”

I welcome you all to pool in your experiences and interact with me in tapping this ‘unique human reservoir’ THE MIND.

In days to come we can explore, exchange and empower us learning to use this innate human magical instrument.