Role of Clinical HYPNOTHERAPY in Current times

“The moment you change your perception you change the chemistry of body”

Bruce Lipton  P.Hd  cell biologist

Path-breaking studies in the field of biology and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine reveals that change in thinking pattern and beliefs can influence the course of disease.

Disease is not the result of merely external factors like invasion by bacteria, virus, parasites Or simply because of chemical imbalance or deficiencies or so to say Genes!!!   It is the result of What goes within the human system largely by way of How one perceives the environment!!!

According to Dr Bruce Lipton how an individual perceives his environment directly influences his Immune system through Hypothalamus –Pituitary –Adrenal Axis (HPA) .

Human system prone to stress or prone to ‘perceiving’ stress results in altering and deranging  the biochemistry of the cells and hence the state of health. Our perception to any situation is based on our habitual way of thinking and feeling.

Our mind is filled with zillion of thoughts during the day some of them creative ,constructive while some are habitual thoughts a kind of ongoing program playing like a background tape recorder .

The latter plays a huge role in governing our behavior, attitude and response patterns to  everything in our life. They are our belief patterns

The key to influencing the state of health lies in ‘altering the perception’ and beliefs that influences our state of health and life.

Thus knowing the science of  Mind  helps to a large extent in treating disorders of body.  It is said that the ‘Body speaks what the Mind cannot express’. Our bodies do not lie and express the unspoken thoughts and feelings in the form of deranged functioning of organs and systems and over a period of time culminate into a  Dis-order  of  functioning in the human body and ultimately a Dis-ease.

No doubt that these modern day  diseases  likes of  Cancer, Diabetes mellitus ,Hypertension , Hormonal imbalances in  women and men are considered as Life style diseases as it reflects ‘the way of living’ –their attitude ,thought emotion patterns not just towards food and certain situations but at an overall way of perceiving and reacting in day to day life.

Besides that  some time or other as physicians we are also aware and cannot debunk  the role of placebo pills  and placebo surgery in treating our patients. Ultimately what heals them is their belief in the treatment and trust on the treating physician.

Hence the role of the Psyche or put simply the Mind of the individual cannot be underestimated and ignored more so with changing times. It is said that ‘the part of the cure is willingness to get cured’

As a Homoeopath I had been believing and practicing it using homoeopathic medicines in treating disorders in holistic way. Some interesting experiences –one of which mentioned below opened me with Shifting my perception radically and believing it much more beyond the role of the placebos totally bypassing all the facts and figures which may be hearsay or read by  any  in medical textbooks.

Question is what can heal a person and free him from sickness?

Apart from the unshakeable trust in abilities of the treating physician and faith   it’s the individual ‘s beliefs about the disease and his/her own awareness of what created dis-ease can go a large way in restoring state of health and well being. Along with their belief and the trust what enables them to resolve their problems is their own Awareness of the problem.

From then my belief in healing power of the client’s thoughts and mind became ultimate in facilitating the treatment of diverse conditions and situations. The idea is not to be little the role of medicines or debunk all the facts and statistics but as a physician to open  up to  giving due  recognition to the role of Mind in healing and restoring health and happiness for the  patients.

So while I was just introduced to the system of hypnotherapy and started integrating in my practice a few years ago I had this Amazing case….It all began when   I  had a patient of mine who approached me to help her with stress at home and her sleep that was disturbed .In a single session I could help her to combat the stress at home restore the peace with the technique of  Emotion and thought healing.

She slept well yet requested from me for couple of sessions with her for improving her skin condition and acne as she considered that too result of stress and her irregular periods which was disturbing her a lot.By simple suggestions to her mind could help her with the  Sleep  ,general energy levels ,state of ease, well being and improvement in her skin condition . In the third and last session worked with her irregularity in periods which was the time she revealed that she and her husband had undergone battery of investigations and treatments for conception with no result for quite some time and her irregular periods (diagnosed PCOD) always came in the way of success of any of the treatment they tried.

I worked with her irregularity in periods and factors around it which was the last session that I heard from her.

4 months later she called me that she has conceived for 3 months and my sessions really helped her in understanding her issues at home, in interpersonal relations and its connection to her menstrual cycle rhythm.

This came to me as eye opener and wake up call to go beyond the known possibilities and prognosis of any case given in medical textbooks.

This case can be brushed away as one off case of spontaneous conception by those who refuse to believe that biology can be altered by perception or for an Open minded Physician   it may titillate their curiosity to explore what more can be possible with the power of one’s own mind. There after I applied these methods    in other cases likes of irritable bowel syndrome , writers cramps , migraine , cervical spondylosis  , certain skin condition likes of lichen planus

Where simply by de stressing the mind undoing the programs   of Mind and altering it’ s   perception was possible to restore the individual to state of health and well being.

Hypnotherapy   involves therapy for “a willing individual” enabling them to deal with their limiting thought pattern, distorted perception and painful feelings as well as traumas  utilizing the state  of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness likes of trance whereby one has access to subconscious mind. Benefits of a Hypnotherapy are far and wide wherever the mind is involved… Franz Alexander, M.D States that

“The fact that the mind rules the body is, in spite of its neglect by biology and medicine, the most fundamental fact which we know about the process of life”.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy makes use of state of Hypnosis with the intention to help  And heal a willing individual in the following ways Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness likes of trance whereby one has access to subconscious mind. Subconscious Mind holds the key to solution for large number of problems that we come across in our day to day lives…

It helps in

Personal Growth

  • to build confidence and self esteem
  • to effectively stop addiction of smoking/alcohol or drug abuse
  • to develop acceptance and positive attitude in life
  • to be able to enjoy meaningful relationships
  • to enhance spiritual growth & access divine intuition/wisdom

Emotional Growth

  • to effectively eradicate fears and phobias
  • to effectively manage pain (physical and mental)
  • to let go of restricting emotional issues and handle effectively relationship conflicts
  • to effectively manage outbursts of violence and temper tantrums
  • to effectively handle stress

Professional Growth

  • to be able to concentrate and  focus intently to enhance your performance in career
  • to effortlessly accomplish your target goals
  • For effective output at individual and organizational level
  • to be able to enjoy financial freedom
  • to enhance your output in SPORTS (individual and team level)
  • to become influential PUBLIC SPEAKER

In Medical conditions

  • Likes of  High Blood Pressure, lower back pain, migraine like disorders
  • Psychosomatic conditions likes of Irritable bowel syndrome, Asthma, Writer’s cramps, acidity etc
  • Psychiatric conditions likes of Depression, Suicidal thoughts obsessive
  • Compulsive neurosis, Anxiety disorders, Insomnia, Phobias and many more.

As open minded physicians we can contribute to helping and treating our patients at

All the levels utilizing this information and techniques complementing with our ongoing medical treatment.

Dr Ameeta Thacker
Homoeopath & Integrated Cl.Hypnotherapist